Officers for 2019-2020

Nicholas Somers

Upper Warden
Michael Wren

Other Warden
James Vickers
Court of Assistants
Dr Ian Wingfield, Diane Riley, Leslie Grout, Mervyn Redding, Lawrence Day, Dr Richard Fynes, Terry Mullins,
Norman Dale, Simon Tayler-Smith, Simon S.Walsh, Trevor Haynes, Christopher Godbold, William Rennie,
Michael Buckley, Alun Thomas-Evans, Helen Thomas-Evans, Tony Sharp (& Clerk)
Honorary Assistants of comittee
Prof Frederick Trowman M 2016; Judy Tayler-Smith M 2016-2017, Ian Tough JP M 2018-2019

Tony Sharp
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                                                                      Internal Governance

The company’s powers to vary its activities are in its associated ‘Regulations / Ordinances’ (under the Charter §10) which give it considerable flexibility: “and to Constitute Ordaine and make such and so many reasonable By laws Orders and Ordnances as to the said Master Wardens and Assistants or the said Comittee or the greater part of them being then and there present shall seem necessary and convenient for the well Ordering and Government of the said Company and the said By laws Ordnances or any of them to alter and Annull as they or the Maior part of them shall see requisite”.
The subscriptions levied by the company on its members are termed ‘fines’ (§10) and are in no wise regarded by the company as its being able to ‘fine’, in the disciplinary sense of to penalise, anybody.
Master Tanners - Barrow, Hepburn and Gale?
Ian Tough JP being sworn in as Master for 2018/2019
The Tanners Company of Bermondsey