Ceremonial and Celebratory Occasion
Celebration Dinner of the Tanners 1836
During the mid-summer period the company holds its annual meeting for the swearing in of the three senior officers and the Assistants and any new members/ Apprentices and Freemen. The date has to be on or from 14 days after midsummer’s day (24th June, Nativity of John the Baptist). The three seniors are ‘Master, Upper Warden and Warden’ and with them the Assistants form ‘The Court’. This concurs with the Charter §3. This is followed by a feast. As noted already the Exchange was combined with a Club and there are numerous reports of its being the centre of the trades social activities. However, an interesting survival in the Southwark Archives is a ticket for a dinner held to celebrate an anniversary of the opening of ‘The New Leather Market and Hide Depository’ by the Directors and proprietors of the ‘London Leather Warehouse Company’ which was the formal corporate owner of the facilities. Apart from the list of Directors on the ticket which includes the notable names, Boutcher, Mortimore and Fisher, the tariff of the feast is 20 shillings, ie £1 per head, this is in 1836 when working men would not earn that a week.
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