Bermondsey: Manor, Parish, Metropolitan Borough, Parliamentary Division

The manor is described as being held by Harold Godwineson before 1066 and by the king as of 1086 in Domesday Book. William II ‘Rufus’ granted it to the Priory, later Abbey, circa 1094. In 1703-04 there was no township of Bermondsey, only the St Mary Magdalen parish which was described as a parish of the ‘town and borough of Southwark in Surrey’. The original parish had the same boundaries as the earlier manor. When ‘Bermondsey’ was made a Metropolitan Borough of the County of London in 1900 three civil parishes ‘board of works’, St Olave’s with St John Southwark, St Thomas Southwark and St Mary Magdalen Bermondsey were merged to form it. In 1832 the Local Government Commissioners detailed that only the first two were part of the Parliamentary seat of the ‘town and borough of Southwark’ and recommended that Mary Magdalen, Mary Newington (Walworth) and the ‘Christchurch parish and Clink Liberty of Surrey’ also be included in the Parliamentary Seat for Southwark. The subsequent expansion and decline of population in the area has lead to both local government and Parliamentary re-organisation. These are the current ‘London Borough of Southwark’ and ‘Bermondsey and Old Southwark Constituency’.
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'A Wedding Fete at Bermondsey by Joris Hoefnagel ca 1568-9'
The Tanners Company of Bermondsey
The Parish and Manor of Bermondsey

The southern boundary is behind but not along the Old Kent Road, following along the centre of  what is now  Marcia Road  off Dunton Road  then westerly behind Tabard Street (‘Kent Street’) crossing property boundaries but thence along Tennis Street to a northern border as Snowsfields crossing Bermondsey Street to Crucifix Lane (now under the railway viaduct) along modern Roper Lane (‘Charles Street’) to the eastern side of Tanner Street (‘Russell Street’) ie from what is now Tower Bridge Road to the junction with the St Saviour’s Dockhead. Thence as a northern border along the Thames to West Lane then along it  crossing Jamaica Road forming the eastern border along Southwark Park Road (‘Jamaica Level’)  and  thence to Galleywall Road (‘Manor Road’) continuing south to and along Rotherhithe New Road to its junction with Rolls Road (‘Gloucester Road’) along that to Dunton Road.